I Once Was in England. Now I Am in Vancouver.

Now I am back in Vancouver embarking on my fourth year… and trying to get back into the habit of thoughtfully writing on this blog!


In Canada, I am a student of Graphic Design for Marketing at Kwantlen Polytechnic University – to which I commute daily in my little mini cooper adorned with the union jack and named Elizabeth (the Queen of course!). In England, I am an exchange student at University for the Creative Arts – to which I commute by public transit (always minding the gap). I am one of many boisterous young creatives in a lovely house in Wimbledon and I hold on to the dream that I may undergo an unlikely transformation upon which I find myself more English than Canadian. Alas, this venture has made my Canadian pride more apparent to me, and I am happy to be displaced. Sure, I miss home, but here’s to getting the creative juices flowing – maybe staining a pair of trousers in what will no doubt be my clumsy attempts at utilizing the letterpress and screen printing mechanisms! Everything school related, travel related, and whimsical-train-of-thought related will I attempt to post on this blog.