Pereira & O’Dell designed the identity and packaging for a new liquor brand co-founded by Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet Jr. and friends. ‘B’, The Honey-Cacha├ža Stinger is made with sugar cane from Brazil and refined to create “a perfect blend of sweet and citrus, adding honey, lemon and generous doses of sophistication”.

As far as the identity goes for ‘B’, the simplicity is that of an understated kind. One of the strongest aspects of the design is the logo; a far representation of a bee in order to direct the viewer’s focus on the stinger, as well as directing the eye down the label. The sleek design of the insect body and the monogram “B” steers the branding toward elegant and stylish, as opposed to looking kitsch when there are so many brands associated with bees. The sleek humanist type, which displays the drink’s name, sits on the vertical line; nicely balancing the overall design. The golden glow is an attractive nature of the beverage and this is accentuated with the clear bottle. ‘B’ is a fantastic identity which will really stand-out on shelves or behind the bar. The comments are piling up on design and packaging blogs around the net, looks like ‘B’ will be well received in not only the US, but Europe as well!